Trials & Tribulations; One Man's Journey to Get a Seat Aboard That Train!

To PHO or Not to PHO!! damn!!! another question…..

By Paul at 10:28 am on Saturday, September 30, 2006

was a time that you couldn’t keep me away from our Saturday PHO outings….. and that was when I wasn’t making much money at my Job.  but it was a Steady Job…  So what is it I need…  a WHOLE Lot of money.?  or just a steady job to make me happy……  seems a steady and Stable incoem is what I need/want

Knowing bills are paid and I can still go out and spend $25 on PHO (for two people) is the life eh.?  LOL….  PHO now who the hell came up with that word…… is it pronounced as it is spelled.?  FOE.?  or is it FUR.??  or is it more like FER….??  perhaps FIR.?  or.???  anyway  PHO is good food……. now the delema of not having a vehichle to get there……  Hmmmmmmm…..  To PHO or NOT to PHO….  it’s still the question at this moment in time…..

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Lazy or Not Lazy… seems THAT is the question here….

By Paul at 10:12 am on Saturday, September 30, 2006

So now here I am Pondering if I am indeed lazy or just not quite ready to hop on that train…. now should it leave have I missed anything in the short term.? or is it the fact that I need to have my bills paid first. taking precedence over my being able to BLOG like the rest of you ….  You are all already on that Train… probably with your own cabins on board…..  I’d merely be just getting any available seat…. assuming there are any open. I am not giving up…..  I am just too busy with my current J.O.B. and I am just trying to now spread myself too thin on this or that J.O.B and not get ahead….. 

Falling behind is the worst part of not having the financial freedom we ALL Strive for……… You all just hopped on that train a lot sooner than I did….. Some have struggled and stuck it out (As will I) others were just at the right place at the right time….  (FOR THAT TRAIN) but as all types of transportation…  you get from point A to B and then to C but you always come back to Point A at some time……. I am not going anywhere……  and I will just hop on as soon as I can…… 

I too will get my own cabin and join you all in this “way of life’  who wouldn’t want to…? 9 hour days at The Vancouver Dry-dock Company and my commute to and from takes 12 hours out of my day….  Does that make me LAZY.??  My reply….. HELL NO!!  not lazy at all……  😛    Just bare with me Damn it……  So I missed the train when you all hopped on….  I haven’t gone anywhere YET!


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Hello world!

By Paul at 2:54 pm on Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hello People!!  today is My first post on My blog….

hopefully the first of many to come……..

Now I need to figure what I am passionate about other than girls  LOL!

So back to the drawing board for now.

Thank you for visiting

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