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Pho! with a Furry Blue Monster!!

By Paul at 6:22 pm on Saturday, February 3, 2007

SO here we are a day…. week…..  Hell it’s a new month!!  OMG!  a new Year even!!  So i suppose it’s time I posted something….  seems like any other day when I woke up this morning… but today I had a chance to meet and have lunch with Gary of and he was in Blue too,  Not sure about the whole FUR part…. but ironically enough, we had PHO for lunch..  now some people pronounce it FURR  some FOE.  some say it’s more of a ….  ummm….  hmmmmm  ok I have no idea how to spell that one.. Our Saturday afternoon lunches usually have about 4-5 people attend but today we had a Grand total of 12..  next time I need to take my camera along with me…. Let me see if I can introduce all 12..

Here we go then, lets start off with someone that everyone seems to love to hate or is it hates to love.?? but anyway when you know it’s Mr. John Chow himself I am speaking of you be the judge do you hate him or love him..  I have known John now for many years closing in on 10 years, pretty soon I think. Along with John was his wife Sarah and the ever adorable Sally.  My dad came with me and we met up with Wolfgang, another long time attendee of our Saturday lunches, Ed was there with his wacky sense of life and if you can call it humor, but he knows it wouldn’t be a PHO experience without him now…  Steven graced us with his presence from his busy life (NOT!!) as well..  Michael was there but was too far to speak with, but we did yell over at each other. he’s what they call a Comment whore!! I just learned that about him today. Greg whom I met a few months ago finally showed up after everyone else but ended up getting his bowl of Pho WAY Before me, that was just not right. Mentioned earlier Gary with his friend Reiner. Wow! we really did have 12 people today, maybe one day we take over the whole damn restaurant and see what trouble we can get into with Lan the owner. I know what he might say to that though…..  “WHATEVER!!! PAUL!!”

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