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By Paul at 7:04 pm on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It’s true what they say. time flies when you are having fun. now I don’t know what “Fun” I have been having but the time is surely Flying!! I am on graveyard shift at work these days and I also work Saturday’s at a Mill as a Millwright. and golly! time does fly when you have a lot of work to do.  Lately at work I have been building stairs from simple 6 foot long ones that are 4-5 feet wide, to Long as 21 feet and 10 feet wide. take a lot of time on them sometimes but like I said time sure flies when you are busy working on them. But where the hell has July gone.? I don’t even remember when July Started and now it’s already OVER!!!

Well August is a great month anyway, as my b-day is August 10th and we have BC Day too. This year it falls on the 6th and I can’t wait to have that time off finally. A four day work week will be nice and the Saturday mill time will go ok cause I don[t have to be at my weekly place till Monday night. Hopefully August won’t just “FLY” by without some posts in here.

On another front My Wife’s paperwork is finally complete and mailed out, we are expecting a reply within a week or two on when she can get her Visa to come to Canada. I will keep you posted on that as I know more.

One final note, I want to thank the regulars that do check my blog on a daily basis and to those new readers I do get and eventually lose due to a lack of content. Time is not on my side currently but I will be working on getting a few minutes a day to post something (if nothing else) My daily activities might be just what the internet doctor ordered.

Thank you for reading. (Hi Gerry!!)

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