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Indian Adventure update

By Paul at 9:03 pm on Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello all..  There are a few of you wanting to hear about my story/adventure and I am sorry I haven’t posted it yet.. I am still in the process of completing it. I have had a hard time on how to start it..  what to include and what not to include in the post.

It is kind of frustrating as I know I should probably just post it as it happened, but that may be more confusing than interesting…  somewhat of a back story has to be done to fill in the parts that won’t make sense at first.  So I ask that you be patient and let me put it into words that will tell the whole story and yet leave out what won’t be needed. I will be changing some names to protect some individuals but all in all it will be as factual as I can make it.

I lived it and It’s really one of those “YOU HAD TO BE THERE” kind of stories to have it make any “real” sense to those of you that will just be reading about it…  again, I will be posting soon.

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By Paul at 1:46 pm on Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Very Happy belated New Year to you and yours…. 

I am celebrating my New Year Back home in Canada!! and I can’t be happier to be back from India once again…. look forward to visiting….  but can’t wait to leave once I am there….. go figure eh?? So once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!! lets make 2008 a year to remember!!

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