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Indian Adventure update

By Paul at 9:03 pm on Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello all..  There are a few of you wanting to hear about my story/adventure and I am sorry I haven’t posted it yet.. I am still in the process of completing it. I have had a hard time on how to start it..  what to include and what not to include in the post.

It is kind of frustrating as I know I should probably just post it as it happened, but that may be more confusing than interesting…  somewhat of a back story has to be done to fill in the parts that won’t make sense at first.  So I ask that you be patient and let me put it into words that will tell the whole story and yet leave out what won’t be needed. I will be changing some names to protect some individuals but all in all it will be as factual as I can make it.

I lived it and It’s really one of those “YOU HAD TO BE THERE” kind of stories to have it make any “real” sense to those of you that will just be reading about it…  again, I will be posting soon.

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By Paul at 3:09 am on Friday, December 28, 2007

HAHA Yes an Update of sorts….. but not what you may all be thinking or wanting to read..

First of all…

My wife and I are in India. Yes Just 22 days after she finally arrived in Canada… we are Back in India. and What an Adventure it has been since day one of arriving. Can’t say too much YET.. but do look for the “FULL STORY” once I am back home in Canada. Some may laugh… many may stop reading my blog.. but what I write will be a Factual Story a factual adventure. nothing fictional.

Look for My “INDIA ADVENTURE 2007/2008” coming soon…. will be worth a read (for some) to see what adventures I expirienced and lived through.


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By Paul at 10:33 pm on Friday, March 9, 2007

It hurts!! I found out yesterday at work what happens when you hit yourself with a hammer at almost full stroke on your thumb.  I’m still trying to figure out how heavy the hammer is but it’s a big Ball-Peen Hammer. I use it to stamp numbers on the work piece I am working on.  What work you say.? well I am A Steel Fabricator Apprentice currently in my 3rd of 4 levels of Classes of which I need to successfully complete 600 hours and 6400 Shop hours. Anyway here I was almost done the current piece i was working on and one of the final things we do is Stamp the part number and Job number on the top Left-Hand side of the piece to make it easier to identify when it is all painted and ready for shipping.

When I first struck my finger I almost thought nothing of it as I have hit myself many times… unfortunately not quite like this time though. I had on my gloves and I almost continued working but something told me to have a look before I continued. So I removed my glove and WOW!! where’d all the blood come from.? I grabbed the nearest rag I could find to wipe up all the blood and I went looking for the first aid attendant.  He saw me and asked what happened I explained best i could and we continued into the First Aid room where he cleaned and dressed the wound and decided it looks worse than it initially did and i would need to to go the hospital and get some stitches. 

My main concern was my tools not my thumb,  I had many of them out and I wanted ot make sure they were all put away before I left to the hospital.  So I quickly put away the tools and locked my tool box as I anticipated being in the Emergency Ward of Surrey Memorial Hospital for 4-5 hours waiting inline to be treated.  Jesse (A fellow Employee) drove me to the emergency room and I was amazed at how quick I was looked after. Sure I had to wait a few minutes here and a few at the next stage but where I thought it would be wait times in hours… it was no more than 2-4 minutes to get someone looking after me.  I went into the Minor Treatment Center or something to that effect and there I was given some forms to fill out and was sent to get some X-Rays taken.  The X-rays took no more than 5 minutes to get 3 X-Rays done and it’s all digital imaging now goes straight to a computer screen.  Once back from the X-Rays I was taken into a room and told I also had a hairline fracture so not surprised at the results of my ingury.  I laid down on a bed and the doctor came in and stitched me up.  I had 4 stitches was cleaned up and all bandaged up and on my way within an hour of arriving at The Emergency Ward.

Here is a pic before the stitches to get an idea of the wound I have more pictures but they didn’t come out too great I will Post more tomorrow but for now have a look. this was taken with my Phone.


After the Stitches… best I could do with my cell….

OK now I know how to do the Youtube thing too!! whoo hoo!! isn’t that yummy??

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Update to the Fence..

By Paul at 2:43 pm on Saturday, December 16, 2006

So they came and did all the repairs… turns out The part of the fence that went beyond my house on the East side of my property was all Solely owned by the neighbor. and he still has to get his part repaired. and it’s kind of funny cause he knows what he has to do as far as getting it repaired for free… but he can’t expect us to hold his hand through it now does he.?

Both insurance companies got in contact with one another and did what they had to do..  not a penny out of our pockets was required…  I will have to add some pictures..  but not yet  it’s way to cold to go out there to take pictures…  So.. all in all we are a satisfied customers.

thanx for coming back…..

look for new posts and updates coming soon…..

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What a day!!!

By Paul at 8:27 pm on Monday, November 6, 2006

I can’t believe it…. like these past few weeks haven’t been hard enough to deal with…  I wake up to a phone call about my fence having been damaged…. I’m like WHAT!!?? It seems I slept through a car almost crashing into my house last night!! I usually wake up to the slightest noise and yet I didn’t wake up to this..?? 

My dad and sister heard the crash and they woke up…. my dad rushed out to see what was going on… my sister phoned 911 and the police actually caught her.. and she was charged with speeding. She lost control of her car when she hit a huge puddle and hydroplaned spinning into doughnuts down 64th Ave. The police came and took a bunch of pictures and a police report was written up. This is the first time ever, that we have had to make a claim with our Home insurance. A few hours later my sister was phoned and told the police report was all ready and could be picked up anytime today..  and that I.C.B.C. would be paying for the damage because it involved a car..  

I phoned Dial-a-Claim and made a claim, they told me to contact my home insurance company too. So basically Home Insurance would repair the damage and bill I.C.B.C. sounds like a good plan to me.. after all it wasn’t our fault.  Apparently the lady that hit our fence hydro-planed and lost control of her vehicle..
Here are some pictures of the damage…  She only missed the house by a few feet… and the fence stopped her from ramming into the neighbors home too….. 


Above: the damaged fence to the left side of the house. 


Above: a picture of the tire tracks left in the lawn. 


Above: the damaged fence to the right side of the house. 

Stay tuned for any and all updates on the repairs. I’m just wondering if this month can get anymore excitement in it now……

Cheers….  thanx for stopping by….. 

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