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Daylight Saving Time!!

By Paul at 1:52 pm on Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just a little note to clarify for some, when Daylight Saving Time begins and ends for us in North America.  The US Government made the changes to have more Daylight Saving Time than Standard Time to do with energy conservation.  The times we changed used to be the first Sunday of April we went forward an hour 2AM became 3AM (DST), and then the last Sunday of October we went back an hour 2AM became 1AM (Standard time).

The new changes started this year 2007 and it has basically extended DST about 3-4 weeks.  We will change an hour ahead the second Sunday of March 2AM will be 3AM, and the first Sunday of November 2AM will be 1AM.  Canada changed our time to coincide with the United States,  there is a study being done to see if the time change have any affects and once the Department of Energy reports back to The US Congress, Congress may go back to the original DST changes. We will have to see what happens when this report is completed.

Apparently many people call it “Daylight Savings time”, and the correct spelling is without the “S” in Saving it is not a plural. So try to remember it is “DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME” (DST).  So many people also can’t seem to remember when we go forward or when we go back an hour.  There is a VERY easy way to remember and once you know it I can’t see how anyone can forget it.

We go an hour ahead in Spring and we go back an hour in Fall. SPRING FORWARD…..  FALL BACK……  you may fall forward if you are very drunk…  lol but I think we are usually sober when the time change occurs. You can always change the clocks before you go to bed Saturday night and all will be set to the rest of the world when you wake up Sunday morning.. Get to work on time Monday morning too (or whatever you get up for). You can read more about it here.


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