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Saiya is 3!!

By Paul at 6:02 am on Friday, December 13, 2013

Well I’m here, So I thought I’d show you an update on Saiya.

My Baby Saiya is now 3 years old and growing like a weed.


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Week 16!!

By Paul at 2:14 pm on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow so that’s 4 months done.  Mira is feeling great, other than the usual tiredness.  We finally had a Dating ultrasound checkup on March 9th and all is well, picture below, dating is as it should be based on Mira’s LMP.  We go in for a more detailed ultrsound next month. So far so good, Mira has some more Folic Acid to take daily plus the Materna® she takes.


“Your baby is now about the size of an avocado (about 5 inches / 11.6 centimetres long from crown to rump and weighing approximately 4 ounces / 100 grams). In the next three weeks he’ll go through a tremendous growth spurt, doubling his weight and adding inches to his length.” Read more here.

Next ultrasound will be exciting, we can find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Most of the family wants it to be a surprise, but I want to know haha!!  Mira wants to know now too I think. We will know what we want when the time comes, till then we are still coming up with boy and girl names. If you have any ideas leave a comment with your choice but remember, only names starting with S, P, K and M will be considered haha!!!

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Week 15!!

By Paul at 6:17 pm on Wednesday, March 3, 2010

4 inches and growing!!  Mira should be able to feel the baby in the next few weeks to come.  We have been busy trying to think of a name for our first born.  We have 4 letters to choose from “S, P, K, M”  for either a boy or girl any of those letters will do.  Personally I’d like my children to have a middle name too, so this is going to be fun coming up with two names per child.  We will deal with the first baby first HAHA!!

“You may be able to find out the sex of your baby by ultrasound now, since the external genitals may be developed enough that the ultrasound technician can tell you if you’re going to have a boy or a girl.” Read more here.

Hopefully there will be some ultrasound pictures to post next week. 
March 9th is coming quick.

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Week 14

By Paul at 12:43 pm on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We are well into the second trimester now. Mira is feeling well has some uncomfortable days now and then, but mainly she stays active with cooking and doing things around the house. She is getting used to all the blood tests she has to have done, she is/was very afraid of needles, but now is not as afraid as she used to be while living in India. While there all her needles went into her bum, (other than for blood tests). So she was terrified of being able to see the needle before going into your arm. The nurse told her there are MANY more tests to happen in the coming months HAHA. Poor Mira..

“About now, the fetus can grasp, squint, frown, and grimace. It may even be able to suck its thumb. Researchers believe these and other movements probably correspond to the development of impulses in the brain.” Read more here.

Posts in March should be more exciting we have our ultrasound appointment set for the 9th.  We are looking forward to “seeing” our baby now *smile*.

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Week 13 The Second Trimester!!

By Paul at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, February 17, 2010

w00t!! Second Trimester and that little one is growing fast..  Grew a whole inch in the last week.  Mira is doing great, showing a baby bump and all (she’s too shy for a picture to be posted) she sleeps well and doesn’t seem to be having those sick days as before, although she does “feel” like she will puke she hasn’t for quite a few days now.

“The fetus is now nearly 3 inches / 7 to 8 centimetres long from crown to rump and weighs nearly an ounce / 23 grams — about half a banana. Its unique fingerprints are already in place. And when you poke your stomach gently and she feels it, your baby will start rooting — that is, act as if she’s searching for a nipple.” More here.

All is well, we are looking forward to the Ultrasound appointment set for March 9th, should be exciting.

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Week 12!!

By Paul at 12:28 pm on Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow nothing too exciting to post other than First Trimester done and we are on the Second Trimester now.  Mira has had to go do more blood tests, ultrasound is setup for the first half of March.  Gyno says everything looks good.  I will post any news as it comes though.  We are more and more excited as eacg day goes by.

“Your baby’s face is beginning to look more human, even though she is only about 2 inches/5.5cms long from her crown to her rump and weighs slightly less than half an ounce/ 14 grams.” Please read more here or here.

Second Trimester here we come!!!

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My Babies Heart Beat!!

By Paul at 5:50 pm on Monday, February 8, 2010

I heard my babies heart beat today at the gyno’s.. 

She used some hand held doppler device on my wifes tummy and we heard the swooshing heart beat for the first time today.

“Your baby is now fully formed, from toothbuds to toenails and measures about the length of your thumb.” Read more here.

I didn’t have a recording device with me to show you all, but I did find what a babies heart beat sounds like at 11 weeks here.

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Week 11 & Counting!!!

By Paul at 2:07 pm on Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well nothing too exciting to report for this week.  Except maybe that Mira is starting to show more of a baby bump now.

She has continued experiencing the dreaded “Morning Sickness”,  which I still don’t understand why they call “Morning Sickness”.  Mira has cravings for all kinds of foods now too,  McD’s fries and Cheesburgers is one of them.

“Measuring from the crown of his head to his rump, your 1.5-inch/ 4-centimetre fetus has all his parts, from tooth buds to toenails. Your baby is busy kicking and stretching; his movements are so fluid they look like water ballet. Fingers and toes have fully separated.” Please read more here or here.

We have an appointment with the Gyno on Monday the 8th,  I will post what we find out then in the next weeks update. I look forward to getting an ultra sound setup soon. wOOt!!


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Week 10 Update!!!

By Paul at 11:26 am on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wow! my baby has vital organs now..  This is too exciting, Baby Mudhar has a fully formed and functional brain.. well I wonder what he is thinking  hehe. We have been getting a lot of people trying to guess the sex of the baby from “signs” they see, and hear about what Mira is going through. Will be interesting if they are right, but with choosing a boy or a girl the choices are limited.

“The vital organs — the liver, kidneys, intestines, brain, and lungs — are fully formed and functional, while the head is almost half the length of the entire body. The forehead temporarily bulges and sits high on the head, but later will change into a more human-like feature.” Please read more here.

Maybe we should have some sort of Baby Pool going on..  and you can guess the Weight, Date and Time of Birth and why not the sex too. Leave a comment with your guesses  🙂

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Week 9 Update!!

By Paul at 12:55 pm on Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a roller coaster of emotions Mira has been through this last week. One day feeling GREAT! doing some chores and back in the kitchen cooking, and also finding her appetite. To the next day just wanting to sleep or having aches and pains. I have been rubbing and massaging her aches away as best I can.

“At week’s end, your fetus measures approximately 0.9 inches / 2.3 centimetres long. In both shape and size, it resembles a pea-pod and weighs less than a tenth of an ounce / 2 grams.”  Read more here.

The sad part of her finding her appetite is, that she also found out what morning sickness is. Still haven’t figured out why they call it morning sickness though, As it happens at any time of the day. We are hoping for a smooth completion of the first 3 months, and look forward to healthy final months. We will be seeing the Doctor again the first week of February.

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Week 8

By Paul at 8:00 am on Wednesday, January 13, 2010

w00t!! Week 8 and counting.. 
I suppose this is an important week according to

“Congratulations — your embryo is now called a fetus, which means “offspring”. Your uterus expands to accommodate its new resident, which now measures approximately five-eights of an inch / 1.6 centimetres.” Please read more here.

Mira is having all the feelings associated with being pregnant now, from morning sickness (doesn’t always happen in the mornings though HAHA!!) to being tired when she lays down or sits up or stands too long, She craves everything but can’t have more than one bite before she is full lol.

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About Me..

By Paul at 7:45 pm on Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now that I have something to write about.. (My upcoming bundle of joy) I added and updated my About Me page. I never noticed the link I used to have just below the header picture went missing. So I went on a hunt for something I could add that would allow me to have an About Me Link on my main page and subsequent individule post pages too.

Updated “some” information and added a picture of My Wife Mira and I. (The upcoming mommy to be. hehe) I want to try and keep updates coming, even picture updates of Mira’s tummy getting bigger. So do look for updates as they happen.

🙂 Thank you all for reading and being a part of our joy.


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Indian Adventure update

By Paul at 9:03 pm on Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello all..  There are a few of you wanting to hear about my story/adventure and I am sorry I haven’t posted it yet.. I am still in the process of completing it. I have had a hard time on how to start it..  what to include and what not to include in the post.

It is kind of frustrating as I know I should probably just post it as it happened, but that may be more confusing than interesting…  somewhat of a back story has to be done to fill in the parts that won’t make sense at first.  So I ask that you be patient and let me put it into words that will tell the whole story and yet leave out what won’t be needed. I will be changing some names to protect some individuals but all in all it will be as factual as I can make it.

I lived it and It’s really one of those “YOU HAD TO BE THERE” kind of stories to have it make any “real” sense to those of you that will just be reading about it…  again, I will be posting soon.

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By Paul at 1:46 pm on Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Very Happy belated New Year to you and yours…. 

I am celebrating my New Year Back home in Canada!! and I can’t be happier to be back from India once again…. look forward to visiting….  but can’t wait to leave once I am there….. go figure eh?? So once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!! lets make 2008 a year to remember!!

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By Paul at 3:09 am on Friday, December 28, 2007

HAHA Yes an Update of sorts….. but not what you may all be thinking or wanting to read..

First of all…

My wife and I are in India. Yes Just 22 days after she finally arrived in Canada… we are Back in India. and What an Adventure it has been since day one of arriving. Can’t say too much YET.. but do look for the “FULL STORY” once I am back home in Canada. Some may laugh… many may stop reading my blog.. but what I write will be a Factual Story a factual adventure. nothing fictional.

Look for My “INDIA ADVENTURE 2007/2008” coming soon…. will be worth a read (for some) to see what adventures I expirienced and lived through.


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Update on My Wife

By Paul at 3:05 pm on Friday, November 2, 2007

Well what ya know…… Although the news about my wife’s letter was a great start to the month… it was as usual “too good to be true”….  No don’t get me wrong.  she is coming very soon now…. but as usual it was just another letter requesting her to mail something and then “AGAIN” await a reply from them…

The letter my wife received was a request for her passport, which will get the Visa attached and permanent residence papers drawn up or whatever they do, (perhaps they are already made they just been sitting on them all this time) apparently she has heard from others in this similar situation that when it is all ready they will give her a phone call to come pick up the passport and landing papers in person. No more guessing or foreshadowing what they will do …. we will just wait and see what ends up happening.

The years have gone..  and turned into months….  and now those months have turned into weeks..  and soon it will be just days to count when she will be finally here.  I am hoping she gets here before the end of the month, so that she and I can spend our 3rd…..  yes our 3rd Anniversary together.

I will try to keep the updates coming about my wife and once she is here I think I may have to start some sort of picture gallery as I will have to start posting pictures of our life together and the soon to come children. I know we want them we just can’t agree on the number we want.  I just say the More the merrier!!!

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WOOT!!!! Wife Has Her Letter!!!

By Paul at 12:45 am on Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just got News that My wife has finally received her letter for her visa to enter Canada…. I don’t know the contents of the letter yet but I just had to mention that final hurdle has been cleared. It’s Started off as a GREAT Nov 1st, 2007 for us!!

It is Thursday Nov 2nd and we’ll plan for here to be here by mid week next week, She should be here by Nov 6th or 7th…  I will update with more as I get an email of the contents of the letter!!

WOOT!!!!! It’s abut time!!!

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Final Stretch!!

By Paul at 5:33 pm on Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yes the time has finally come….  just last week my wife had her Medical report done (for the second time) and the doctor has sent off the paper work to the Canadian Consulate in New Delhi. Now we will await a reply for them to request her Passport, and finally get her Visa Stamp for Entry into Canada and her permanent Residence papers she will require to STAY in Canada.

As many of you know (you all know now) I was married back in December 22, 2004. We applied for my wife to immigrate and thought it would take about 3-6 months for her to be approved and arrive in Canada. No such result, as luck would have it, She was denied immigration based on some VERY Superficial criteria that we here in Canada do not take into consideration for a couple to marry, in fact we (Canadians) don’t even think about the particular criteria that my wife was denied entry.

There was only one fact that I could not deny and if they had based everything on this, I wouldn’t be so upset as I am, on what we went through, to get to this point. That fact being I have been married twice before, but even that in Canadian eyes is not a huge factor at all. The apparent “officer” that dealt with my wife’s application initially had raised a few issues and they ended up contradicting themselves in later updates to the computer system they use to document everything during the application process. 

I should scan and post some of the excerpts from it (Maybe later). some of the things they denied her was our age difference. the fact that I have been in Canada since age 5 and she had never been here, I was educated here with some post secondary education and she only has a grade 12 graduation from India. and I suppose the biggest one was that I had been married before and she never married. At first they noted that our Wedding had a good gathering..  later to say there wasn’t very many present for a normal Indian wedding. 

What did they expect that I would pay for and fly all our friends and family from Canada to attend and be present at the wedding too.?? Anyway as you can see their points were very unfounded and not a huge deal to deny someone to get a visa.  They should allow all Married partners to come back home to Canada after their marriage and if needed deport them after the application process is completed and not satisfactory. almost 3 years….  I could have had 2-3 Children by now and those are 3 years I will never get to spend with my wife again.

I think I am starting to ramble now so i will close these thoughts and start another one later when we have some more concrete dates of when she will be here… but we are finally in the Final Stretch

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Canadian Immigration

By Paul at 12:19 pm on Saturday, June 30, 2007

So many times I have thought about this process I am going through to sponsor my wife to Canada, and all that comes to mind is what a HUGE JOKE the Canadian Immigration is…  You have people that deliberately deceive the system and they seem to get rewarded for it and others like my self who go through all the So-Called proper channels and am still waiting for her to receive a letter that says she can now get her visa to come to Canada.

My having to even go though an appeal hearing is a joke too when you look at the “FACTS” of my application and the appeal hearing itself only lasting 20 minutes for them to approve it. Why now has it taken 2 whole months since that decision for my wife’s application to be allowed to proceed, why are we still waiting for a damn letter which can’t take more than 10-15 days to arrive to my wife. once she receives the letter she will need to go through another medical exam and then await yet another who knows how long for them to send her passport back to her with the visa papers.

I see no excuse for it to take as long as it is taking considering all that has happened, starting with the lady that took my wife’s original interview back in January 2006 being apparently fired from her position but when asked about it they say she quit. She (the interviewer) did NOT do her job as she was supposed to instead she pushed her own “Indian” values upon my wife’s case and denied her a visa to come to Canada at the time of the interview.  the Appeal hearing took a whole 20 minutes for the Immigration council and Appeal board member to approve my appeal.  this whole process baffles me to no end.

So what do I think of Canadian Immigration and their procedures..??  Just a HUGE JOKE on burden on the TAX Payers of this country and an even bigger burden on those separated spouses that have to wait years for something that sh0ould take no longer than a month to go through. In fact My wife should have been allowed to come with me back to Canada while this stupid and unnecessary immigration process was completed. Just like the spouse of a visiting partner is allowed to stay in the country had my wife and I been married here in Canada, and she was visiting she would have been allowed to stay with me till this whole process was complete. Instead she and I have now been apart since we married back in Dec 22, 2004 other than the time I spent on visits, it’s just not the same as having her here with me.

Immigration Canada needs to do MORE to avoid keeping “REAL” Marriages from suffering while the FAKE and DELIBERATE ones that cheat the system are allowed to prosper. WHAT A JOKE!!!!

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By Paul at 11:25 am on Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just a short but to the point post. Some of you know I went to India in Nov 2004 to get married. and My wife’s immigration to Canada was denied!! We then appealed that decision!

Now after a long 2 ½ year waiting process. I am Happy to announce that the Appeal was approved.. within 25 minutes after the star of the hearing. it went something like this….

All that was needed was my testimony on the witness stand.
as soon as my consultant finished asking me questions….
the Judge says, “Now the Immigration council will cross examine you”……..
he stood up………
Started Packing up his Briefcase…….
and says……..
“No I’m not going to ask anything, I approve the Appeal, Congratulations!”….
the Judge looks over at me and says,
“This is your Lucky day….. I also approve your appeal, this concludes the hearing”
that was 25 minutes into the whole thing…
w00t!! say it with me one time. w00t!!!

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