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By Paul at 1:46 pm on Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Very Happy belated New Year to you and yours…. 

I am celebrating my New Year Back home in Canada!! and I can’t be happier to be back from India once again…. look forward to visiting….  but can’t wait to leave once I am there….. go figure eh?? So once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!! lets make 2008 a year to remember!!

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By Paul at 3:09 am on Friday, December 28, 2007

HAHA Yes an Update of sorts….. but not what you may all be thinking or wanting to read..

First of all…

My wife and I are in India. Yes Just 22 days after she finally arrived in Canada… we are Back in India. and What an Adventure it has been since day one of arriving. Can’t say too much YET.. but do look for the “FULL STORY” once I am back home in Canada. Some may laugh… many may stop reading my blog.. but what I write will be a Factual Story a factual adventure. nothing fictional.

Look for My “INDIA ADVENTURE 2007/2008” coming soon…. will be worth a read (for some) to see what adventures I expirienced and lived through.


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Update on My Wife

By Paul at 3:05 pm on Friday, November 2, 2007

Well what ya know…… Although the news about my wife’s letter was a great start to the month… it was as usual “too good to be true”….  No don’t get me wrong.  she is coming very soon now…. but as usual it was just another letter requesting her to mail something and then “AGAIN” await a reply from them…

The letter my wife received was a request for her passport, which will get the Visa attached and permanent residence papers drawn up or whatever they do, (perhaps they are already made they just been sitting on them all this time) apparently she has heard from others in this similar situation that when it is all ready they will give her a phone call to come pick up the passport and landing papers in person. No more guessing or foreshadowing what they will do …. we will just wait and see what ends up happening.

The years have gone..  and turned into months….  and now those months have turned into weeks..  and soon it will be just days to count when she will be finally here.  I am hoping she gets here before the end of the month, so that she and I can spend our 3rd…..  yes our 3rd Anniversary together.

I will try to keep the updates coming about my wife and once she is here I think I may have to start some sort of picture gallery as I will have to start posting pictures of our life together and the soon to come children. I know we want them we just can’t agree on the number we want.  I just say the More the merrier!!!

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WOOT!!!! Wife Has Her Letter!!!

By Paul at 12:45 am on Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just got News that My wife has finally received her letter for her visa to enter Canada…. I don’t know the contents of the letter yet but I just had to mention that final hurdle has been cleared. It’s Started off as a GREAT Nov 1st, 2007 for us!!

It is Thursday Nov 2nd and we’ll plan for here to be here by mid week next week, She should be here by Nov 6th or 7th…  I will update with more as I get an email of the contents of the letter!!

WOOT!!!!! It’s abut time!!!

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Daylight Saving Time!!

By Paul at 1:52 pm on Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just a little note to clarify for some, when Daylight Saving Time begins and ends for us in North America.  The US Government made the changes to have more Daylight Saving Time than Standard Time to do with energy conservation.  The times we changed used to be the first Sunday of April we went forward an hour 2AM became 3AM (DST), and then the last Sunday of October we went back an hour 2AM became 1AM (Standard time).

The new changes started this year 2007 and it has basically extended DST about 3-4 weeks.  We will change an hour ahead the second Sunday of March 2AM will be 3AM, and the first Sunday of November 2AM will be 1AM.  Canada changed our time to coincide with the United States,  there is a study being done to see if the time change have any affects and once the Department of Energy reports back to The US Congress, Congress may go back to the original DST changes. We will have to see what happens when this report is completed.

Apparently many people call it “Daylight Savings time”, and the correct spelling is without the “S” in Saving it is not a plural. So try to remember it is “DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME” (DST).  So many people also can’t seem to remember when we go forward or when we go back an hour.  There is a VERY easy way to remember and once you know it I can’t see how anyone can forget it.

We go an hour ahead in Spring and we go back an hour in Fall. SPRING FORWARD…..  FALL BACK……  you may fall forward if you are very drunk…  lol but I think we are usually sober when the time change occurs. You can always change the clocks before you go to bed Saturday night and all will be set to the rest of the world when you wake up Sunday morning.. Get to work on time Monday morning too (or whatever you get up for). You can read more about it here.


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Final Stretch!!

By Paul at 5:33 pm on Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yes the time has finally come….  just last week my wife had her Medical report done (for the second time) and the doctor has sent off the paper work to the Canadian Consulate in New Delhi. Now we will await a reply for them to request her Passport, and finally get her Visa Stamp for Entry into Canada and her permanent Residence papers she will require to STAY in Canada.

As many of you know (you all know now) I was married back in December 22, 2004. We applied for my wife to immigrate and thought it would take about 3-6 months for her to be approved and arrive in Canada. No such result, as luck would have it, She was denied immigration based on some VERY Superficial criteria that we here in Canada do not take into consideration for a couple to marry, in fact we (Canadians) don’t even think about the particular criteria that my wife was denied entry.

There was only one fact that I could not deny and if they had based everything on this, I wouldn’t be so upset as I am, on what we went through, to get to this point. That fact being I have been married twice before, but even that in Canadian eyes is not a huge factor at all. The apparent “officer” that dealt with my wife’s application initially had raised a few issues and they ended up contradicting themselves in later updates to the computer system they use to document everything during the application process. 

I should scan and post some of the excerpts from it (Maybe later). some of the things they denied her was our age difference. the fact that I have been in Canada since age 5 and she had never been here, I was educated here with some post secondary education and she only has a grade 12 graduation from India. and I suppose the biggest one was that I had been married before and she never married. At first they noted that our Wedding had a good gathering..  later to say there wasn’t very many present for a normal Indian wedding. 

What did they expect that I would pay for and fly all our friends and family from Canada to attend and be present at the wedding too.?? Anyway as you can see their points were very unfounded and not a huge deal to deny someone to get a visa.  They should allow all Married partners to come back home to Canada after their marriage and if needed deport them after the application process is completed and not satisfactory. almost 3 years….  I could have had 2-3 Children by now and those are 3 years I will never get to spend with my wife again.

I think I am starting to ramble now so i will close these thoughts and start another one later when we have some more concrete dates of when she will be here… but we are finally in the Final Stretch

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By Paul at 6:41 pm on Friday, August 10, 2007

Yep..  OMG!  I just hit the BIG “4-0″….  but as they say now…  40 is the new 20…. So just to let you all know I feel great even at the age of 40… Even though Mark Philippoussis chose Amanda the 25 year old…  Who wouldn’t.???

My wife is 13 years younger than me, and that was not out of fluke either…. My parents want grand-kids…  So to accommodate that I needed a younger wife that could deliver (at least Basketball team) and keep up with the stress of having kids… I have no real limit on how many children I want the more the merrier is the attitude I will be going forward with. My wife also has no problems (yet) I mean we talk about it all the time and she even had some palmist tell her how she will have as many kids as she wants. 

It was back in early 2004 that my parents started bugging me about getting married again (Yes again, long story tell you another time if you don’t already know the details)  anyhow they asked me if I was ready..  I replied you want to have Grandchildren??  Then you might want to find someone young enough to have them and also willing to get to know me and marry me before we talk about any children. My god we went through quite a few girls in that time..  hell I even had a choice of hooking up with a woman that was STILL married with a child already too, apparently her husband was a bad ass that beat her and had a drinking problem…She wanted me to SAVE HER!!  I was like WTF!!??  I’m looking for my future wife, not to SAVE” someone from their current marriage, needless to say that conversation didn’t last long. As did many of the others because all they seemed to want to know was if and when I wanted to marry their daughters… and I was like Hold on a minute…  if I agree to anything! it will be to get to know them more first…  perhaps for a year or two even..  and they wanted to have grandchildren by that time not just to be getting into a marriage.

After many women and girls, Oh and who can forget the “PAT” my brother-in-law came back with pictures of, I swear the pictures were not of any female that i could see.. but after those bad episodes of meeting and greeting I finally did come across my wife Kamaljit (Mira as she is known at home now) She and her family were the first to agree in allowing she and I to communicate for as long as we wanted to see how we got along…  little did Mira and I know how well we would connect and well…..  the rest as they say is history, but I will tell you the full story sometime later too maybe you can remind me. right now it creeping up to the 3rd year and we are still awaiting for some papers from Immigration Canada’s New Delhi office for her to obtain her Permanent Status Visa to Land in Canada.

So where was I.??  Oh Yeah!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!

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Racist Attitudes

By Paul at 5:26 pm on Thursday, August 9, 2007

It’s funny how some people love to make fun of East Indian guys simply because of the one or two or even a few bad apples they may encounter…. Recent stories in the news hasn’t helped either…..  BUT!!!

I for one can assure you NOT All East Indian Men are or ever will be created equal…..

No matter how many you have run across in your life time…. you have obviously been meeting all the BAD Apples…. if you have some attitude against East Indian men…

Must be something that attracts them (Bad Apples) to you, like A moth to a flame…….

I know for a certain fact that you have No idea from the way I am typing what colour my skin is or what My background is for that matter….(unless you knew me or look at the “About Me” page) I could if so inclined download a picture off of the Internet and claim that as being me……

too many people claim to “Not judge the book by it’s cover”….  but fall short of the rule many times to suit their own agenda..

I for one could care less what nationality someone is….  or the colour of their skin……

but If I was to Judge ALL White folks based on the Scholars you run into on East Hastings….. how would that make the rest of you NON E. Hastings Residents of this beautiful city of Vancouver and Area’s feel???….  (Not so good I imagine)

So to the racist f&%ktartds out there…  it’s 2007…..  there’s enough problems in the world as it is……

Soon enough…  you won’t be able to tell one race from another as we will All have married into every other Nationality in the world and No one will be able to tell one race from the other…..  So why be a loner and fight the inevitable…. it may not happen in our life time or our children’s lifetime…..  but it WILL happen…. 

Can’t we ALL just get along.??

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By Paul at 7:04 pm on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It’s true what they say. time flies when you are having fun. now I don’t know what “Fun” I have been having but the time is surely Flying!! I am on graveyard shift at work these days and I also work Saturday’s at a Mill as a Millwright. and golly! time does fly when you have a lot of work to do.  Lately at work I have been building stairs from simple 6 foot long ones that are 4-5 feet wide, to Long as 21 feet and 10 feet wide. take a lot of time on them sometimes but like I said time sure flies when you are busy working on them. But where the hell has July gone.? I don’t even remember when July Started and now it’s already OVER!!!

Well August is a great month anyway, as my b-day is August 10th and we have BC Day too. This year it falls on the 6th and I can’t wait to have that time off finally. A four day work week will be nice and the Saturday mill time will go ok cause I don[t have to be at my weekly place till Monday night. Hopefully August won’t just “FLY” by without some posts in here.

On another front My Wife’s paperwork is finally complete and mailed out, we are expecting a reply within a week or two on when she can get her Visa to come to Canada. I will keep you posted on that as I know more.

One final note, I want to thank the regulars that do check my blog on a daily basis and to those new readers I do get and eventually lose due to a lack of content. Time is not on my side currently but I will be working on getting a few minutes a day to post something (if nothing else) My daily activities might be just what the internet doctor ordered.

Thank you for reading. (Hi Gerry!!)

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made a June entry

By Paul at 12:27 pm on Saturday, June 30, 2007

HAHA!  yeah well you can say what you will…..  But I have been working 6 days a week….  and sometimes 10 hours per day. John Chow will have you believe I am wasting my time and I should get out of the rat race and do what he does. Well I have only a few things to say about that, one main thing is, if we ALL did what John Chow does….  there would be No John Chow “Internet Mogul”  to speak of. If we all did what he does there would be no home for John to buy or the new car he wants to buy because there would be no one building houses or making cars, there would be no grocery stores for him to go and buy food from, and god forbid no more restaurants for him to go have his $400+ meals at.

We all do what we do, and THAT is what makes the world go round, that is what allows us to have a LIFE! sitting at home on your computer and earning advertisement dollars is a GREAT thing for a few…..  but we need all the rest of us doing our part to make the JOHN CHOWS of this world be able to spend their millions…..  Now don’t get me wrong….  John Chow is actually a personal friend of mine I have nothing against him at all….  I applaud him on his success and what he does (and he does it very well I might add). but we can’t all do it…. or the world as we know it would come to a grinding halt and so would all those millions he enjoys if we “ALL” did what he does.

Need I say more.??  pfft…..

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Canadian Immigration

By Paul at 12:19 pm on Saturday, June 30, 2007

So many times I have thought about this process I am going through to sponsor my wife to Canada, and all that comes to mind is what a HUGE JOKE the Canadian Immigration is…  You have people that deliberately deceive the system and they seem to get rewarded for it and others like my self who go through all the So-Called proper channels and am still waiting for her to receive a letter that says she can now get her visa to come to Canada.

My having to even go though an appeal hearing is a joke too when you look at the “FACTS” of my application and the appeal hearing itself only lasting 20 minutes for them to approve it. Why now has it taken 2 whole months since that decision for my wife’s application to be allowed to proceed, why are we still waiting for a damn letter which can’t take more than 10-15 days to arrive to my wife. once she receives the letter she will need to go through another medical exam and then await yet another who knows how long for them to send her passport back to her with the visa papers.

I see no excuse for it to take as long as it is taking considering all that has happened, starting with the lady that took my wife’s original interview back in January 2006 being apparently fired from her position but when asked about it they say she quit. She (the interviewer) did NOT do her job as she was supposed to instead she pushed her own “Indian” values upon my wife’s case and denied her a visa to come to Canada at the time of the interview.  the Appeal hearing took a whole 20 minutes for the Immigration council and Appeal board member to approve my appeal.  this whole process baffles me to no end.

So what do I think of Canadian Immigration and their procedures..??  Just a HUGE JOKE on burden on the TAX Payers of this country and an even bigger burden on those separated spouses that have to wait years for something that sh0ould take no longer than a month to go through. In fact My wife should have been allowed to come with me back to Canada while this stupid and unnecessary immigration process was completed. Just like the spouse of a visiting partner is allowed to stay in the country had my wife and I been married here in Canada, and she was visiting she would have been allowed to stay with me till this whole process was complete. Instead she and I have now been apart since we married back in Dec 22, 2004 other than the time I spent on visits, it’s just not the same as having her here with me.

Immigration Canada needs to do MORE to avoid keeping “REAL” Marriages from suffering while the FAKE and DELIBERATE ones that cheat the system are allowed to prosper. WHAT A JOKE!!!!

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By Paul at 11:25 am on Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just a short but to the point post. Some of you know I went to India in Nov 2004 to get married. and My wife’s immigration to Canada was denied!! We then appealed that decision!

Now after a long 2 ½ year waiting process. I am Happy to announce that the Appeal was approved.. within 25 minutes after the star of the hearing. it went something like this….

All that was needed was my testimony on the witness stand.
as soon as my consultant finished asking me questions….
the Judge says, “Now the Immigration council will cross examine you”……..
he stood up………
Started Packing up his Briefcase…….
and says……..
“No I’m not going to ask anything, I approve the Appeal, Congratulations!”….
the Judge looks over at me and says,
“This is your Lucky day….. I also approve your appeal, this concludes the hearing”
that was 25 minutes into the whole thing…
w00t!! say it with me one time. w00t!!!

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w00t!!! 94%!!!

By Paul at 3:21 pm on Sunday, April 15, 2007

On Friday April 13th…  yeah tell me about it Friday the 13th…. I finished my level 3 Classes for my Steel Fabrication Apprenticeship..  with a 94% final mark.  I tied for top marks with 2 others in the class.  From what I had heard about level 3 being the hardest of the four levels, I found it to be quite easy compared to the many that said it was the hardest. I am also proud to say I helped a few others in the class get a final mark in the 90’s as well.

Level 1 was more of an introduction to the many things we would learn along the way in the four levels and Level 2 we seemed to learn a lot more, and had more content. Which brings me to Level 3, which I found to be more of a review of level 2 and just other ways of figuring out our math. Back in level 2 we were introduced to the Pythagorean Theorem to figure out lengths in Trusses and Hoppers. We also used it to solve some trick questions too. Level 3 re-introduced us to Trigonometry. A look back at my earlier post about Trigonometry will tell how I found it quit easy for the math we use in Fabrication. Not only did I find it easy for myself I was able to help others to understand it and get a better grade than they might have gotten without my input. A thank you goes out to those who admitted my input helped them out, they know who they are.

I have level 4 to complete before I can write the I.P. (Inter-Provincial) exam that will certify me as a Journeyman Steel Fabricator to work anywhere within Canada, (Some say all of North America and perhaps in Europe too) but I’m not going anywhere so my Canadian certification is enough for me. I am planning to take it in November of this year (2007) if I can still get a seat. One day I hope to maybe become an Instructor at B.C.I.T. Who knows when, but that is one of my goals I wish to reach. The fact that I am still an apprentice doesn’t help me realize that goal for perhaps another 5 years.

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American Idol??

By Paul at 6:07 pm on Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I’ve been watching American idol all season….  I usually get hooked to the auditions part…..  and then just want to see how it unfolds till the top 10… by then I’m usually hooked enough to watch every week even thought this season I have promised to boycott it if a certain someone continues to be safe. You all know who I am talking about. I was hoping to keep some eye candy around for us men to look at, and poof!! we lose Sabrina Sloan …  sure we still have Haley Scarnato still.. but with all the reviews she gets from the “Judges” how long will we have her to look at?

I suppose I am just venting, god knows how Sanjaya Malakar keeps making it through each week.. we all know it’s not for his singing talent. Doesn’t this fact alone show how you can’t really trust any so-called “Reality” shows anymore. Does he really make it through each week with public votes.? or do the producers of the show just decide who they want to keep for a while longer to make it more controversial or whatever you want to call it, if enough people talk about it, the more $$$ they make.

But how fair is that, if that’s what’s actually going on? Was the only true winner the first Idol, Kelly Clarkson.? ok now I’m getting a little more pissed off so….. I will leave it for now and see what happens on tomorrows results show.

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Trigonomety for Dummies

By Paul at 6:22 pm on Saturday, March 24, 2007

I’m a Steel Fabricator (a dummy), and god knows I need to know Trigonometry.  As a Steel Fabricator I need to utilize some basic Trigonometry ratio’s (or functions) to help in some everyday fitting to very complicated fitting which have multiple angles involved to create the finished fabricated product.

I use the Tangent of a rise to run ratio to get angles for cuts I burn on a beam , to bends to be made on a plate and the angle to which I fit a plate to a beam. That is the BASIC trig I would use at work during the fitting process, should an angle or dimension not be provided and I have only the working bevel to get the desired angle. A framing square doesn’t always work for all fitting applications. So we have to fall back to our days in class during level 3 and 4 to help us recall how we figured out these angles.

While in school, (the 5 week in-class portion of my Apprenticeship program) I need to combine all 3 basic Trigonometry rules for the questions and exercises and eventual test we are given. While in high school we were taught the old trusty mnemonicSOH-CAH-TOA (pronounced “so – ka – toe – ah”) to allow us to remember these functions of the SINE, COSINE and TANGENT, of an angle.


Using the above picture we come up with the following.

The SOH stands for “Sine of an angle is Opposite over Hypotenuse.”


The CAH stands for “Cosine of an angle is Adjacent over Hypotenuse.”


The TOA stands for “Tangent of an angle is Opposite over Adjacent.”


I came up with my own version of these that apply a little bit better for the math for a Steel fabricator, which brings us to my Sac(k) of Tab (cola) on the CBC. “Canadian Broadcasting Corporation” you say? well no not quite ‘that” CBC, but I figure if I was going to make up some sort of mnemonic of my own, CBC will have to do. I hope my own version will help out future Apprentices to come. So here we go.

My version also uses the right angle triangle and “always” works off of angle (A).


I just drop the old Hypotnuse, Adjacent, and Opposite tags to form my own, which uses the letters of the sides “a”, “b” and “c’.

Along came my SAC(K) of TAB (cola) on the CBC.

The SAC stands for Sine of angle (A) is side “a” over side “c”.


The TAB stands for Tangent of angle (A) is side “a” over side “b”.


The CBC stands for Cosine of angle (A) is side “b” over side “c”.


I hope you are with me so far. These are the only equations you need to remember for the problems we encounter in class and I suppose if we really need, to apply to our problems in the shop too. The other thing that I found which was confusing some of my fellow class mates was when do we use the 2nd Function and when do we use the first functions of these SIN, TAN, and COS buttons on the calculator. Yet again there was a simple thing to remember, to help you when to use which button. As a rule remember that the 2nd function button is used when finding Angle (A), and the first function used when finding the length of an unknown side. The last item I will leave you with to think about and apply in your calculations is a simple little visual that should leave no questions of when to Multiply and when to Divide by the SIN. TAN or COS of Angle (A). I leave you with the following.


Using the grade 3 math, that 6 divided by 3 equals 2. Just change the numbers around to know that 2 multiplied by 3 equals 6 and also 6 divided by 2 equals 3. I know some of you are probably laughing at this and I understand why, but not everyone was or is a math Whiz-kid. That simple little visual at the top of your questions paper allows you to exchange the numbers for the letters in the Trig equations and solve for each unknown a little easier because of the relative easy math involved with 6/3=2. I Hope this helps some of youthat are struggling with the basics of the Trig we used in the class portion of the Steel Fabrication Apprenticeship program and I wish you all luck with your time with Trigonometry.

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By Paul at 4:11 pm on Friday, March 23, 2007

You gotta love Friday!!! Just had to say THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!! Johnny when we finding another Matches.????? I mean seriously don’t ya miss going out Friday and Saturday nights like we used to.??

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WOW! A Mind Fart Update!

By Paul at 4:24 pm on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Maybe a mind fart isn’t all that bad after all!! I did get the results of my Plate development test from yesterday, I assume not only was my fart odorless but it couldn’t have made much of a fart-like-sound either. After all the complaining and worrying I did over yesterdays test, I was very happy to receive a 93%.

Four drawings… each worth 10 marks each. I was very pleased to see my 37/40 marks and we also learned that the instructor doesn’t hand out 100% to anyone. So to base his highest possible mark to be a 9 1/2 out of 10, the highest anyone could have received was 95%. With that said did I get 93% out of 95%.? if that holds true I did way better than I thought I would. A 2% off of the highest mark he would have handed out to anyone sounds like a great accomplishment to me. I just wanted to let you all know (to the ones that care to know) and share with you the results so far. Our first weeks shop project was also marked and I have my marks for that too. I will take some pictures of that and make a new post for it soon too.

Now I am wondering how he will mark the math test we have scheduled for the end of next week. or the first week of April. I’m glad April 1st is on a Sunday so no April fools will be made of us in class….  WHEW!!! does a 100% mark in the math test mean 100% or just 95%.?  hmmmm….  I hope I can remember my Sac(k) of Tab (Cola) on the CBC. I curious if that has anyone wondering what I am on about?…. Ok it’s time to go Study for the Safety test on Friday. Thanx for dropping by.

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Mind Farts!

By Paul at 5:44 pm on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why does the mind fart now and then.?  Here I am in the 2nd week of my 5 week Level 3 Apprenticeship at B.C.I.T. and we had our first test.  We worked on plate layout and we basically draw out the project we are working on, be it a cone with a square bottom with a round top or both top and bottom are round,  to an offset opening from top to bottom. I know not a lot of you have a clue as to what I am talking about, but I’m sure some of you do. Anyway why do our minds fart??

I have done countless drawings since my first level class in Spring of 2005.  I understand them, and then I stop practicing them. I was so confident going into my test this morning and then I get to the last of the 4 drawings we had to do. and My mind goes FART!!!  I must have tried the same part like 4 times all to no avail. I forgot one small element of the drawing and the shape I should have had was just not coming out in the drawing.

So I ask, Why do minds fart when you least expect it? This whole week we’re working on Trigonometry. I hope my mind doesn’t fart when I recall my Sack of Tab Cola on the CBC when I have my Trig test. I have to save that for another days Post, but I’m happy to say, even though the Mind can FART!!! they are odorless and not quite as noisy as those from the exhaust end of the human body. 

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DOT com PHO Saturday!!

By Paul at 4:45 pm on Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here we are again with another addition to the “DOT com PHO Saturday” report! It has been a few weeks now that My Dad and I have made it out for the weekly get together recently dubbed the “DOT com PHO Saturday”. Today I also learned I missed out on a Bluefur Monster picking up the tab at last weeks….  hmmm… “DOT com DIM SUM”? yeah well I guess that’s what we’ll call it. Too bad I missed out on Gary Picking up the tab, but I have had DIM SUM before and to me it’s an acquired taste. As is Sushi, specifically Sashimi….. nuff said. Anyhow back to today’s report.

My Dad and I showed up a little bit earlier than usual today 12:15PM, and we were able to get seats for us and the other 7 that would show up at the regularly scheduled time of between 12:30-12:45PM. Some of the faces weren’t there today, apparently Michael chickened out from showing up because of ED’s threat of kicking his ass was looming over his head.  The Usual Suspects attended (No,… Keyser Soze wasn’t there).  Although I’m sure one of us could have come up with a crazy enough story like Kevin Spacey’s character-Roger “Verbal” Kint did in that movie (ok wow!! talk about going off on a tangent, must be all the trigonometry in my head, I will be going through a lot of it next week in school, it’s haunting me).

As I mentioned my Dad and I showed up first and ordered a table for 10 and we sat patiently as others finished their meals and seats came available. Once we had a table for about 6 we sat down and waited some more for the adjacent tables to empty for the 3-4 other seats we will need. instead of just telling you in words who came today I took my camera along today and lets instead do a picture show-n-tell of who came today.

Lets Start off with the Menu! as it’s always there and without it we wouldn’t know what to order (well ok we been going there long enough maybe we don’t need the menu anymore).

The Menu  You can click on the image to get a full sized view and you can actually read it if you zoom in a bit. 🙂

Next lets introduce my Dad, when we arrived it was just the two of us. You can see how the Menu’s are at every seat in the restaurant under the glass tops.


Just after 12:30PM Stephen showed up followed by Sarah, Sally and John, trailing behind was Ed.


Finally Greg and Wolfgang showed up and the full Gang was present.


Here’s a picture of ED, My Dad and Sarah.


Here’s a pic of the whole Gang together sans me *taking picture remember* (as best I could with my outdated camera).


Next we learned that Sally is now learning to sit. She starts rocking around and I guess will fall backwards but Mommy Sarah made sure to watch her back.


Here’s one of baby Sally crying.


When Sally cried, Ed would also follow her tears with tears of his own. We never did find out what made him cry when Sally did.


Stephen came to the rescue and stopped her from crying by mesmerizing Sally with the condensed milk for the Iced Coffee.


Greg and I tried to see what was so mesmerizing with this stuff. Greg seemed more involved than i could understand.


Next we have a proud Daddy. Sally is so adorable. John are you sure you are the father.??


Adorable even when she cries.


Last but not least!! The owner of PHO LAN and our host for our “DOT com PHO Saturday’s” Lan.


Next time you are in and around Richmond and are looking for some good eats make sure you come by PHO LAN and enjoy some Noodles with your host LAN.

Pho Lan Vietnamese Restaurant
6950 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Tel: 604-273-1583

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300 WOWS!!

By Paul at 9:13 pm on Friday, March 16, 2007

OMG! yes I totally recommend you take the time and spend some hard earned cash and watch “300”. it was a GREAT movie…..  No I won’t give it away or anything. but wow what a rush! I heard it was done with  A LOT of CGI, but I thought it was done very well.  To make sure I don’t say too much about it I will Just leave it at…


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