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Update to the Fence..

By Paul at 2:43 pm on Saturday, December 16, 2006

So they came and did all the repairs… turns out The part of the fence that went beyond my house on the East side of my property was all Solely owned by the neighbor. and he still has to get his part repaired. and it’s kind of funny cause he knows what he has to do as far as getting it repaired for free… but he can’t expect us to hold his hand through it now does he.?

Both insurance companies got in contact with one another and did what they had to do..  not a penny out of our pockets was required…  I will have to add some pictures..  but not yet  it’s way to cold to go out there to take pictures…  So.. all in all we are a satisfied customers.

thanx for coming back…..

look for new posts and updates coming soon…..

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