Trials & Tribulations; One Man's Journey to Get a Seat Aboard That Train!

About Us

What to say about me here.. You know, I don’t know how much to really say, and what to keep out.. 

Lets start with the basics. I live in Surrey, BC.  a Suburb of Vancouver on the South-West Coast of Canada.. 
I was born in India but immigrated here back in 1973 with my Mother and Sister (My dad was already here since 1970). I’ve always wanted to have a website of my own for a while now, and well the opportunity finally presented itself and with a lot of help and patience from one of my best friends John Chow (Click his name to see more about him).. here I am with my own space on the Web. I am not a frequent enough poster as I need to be. (as witnessed by my archived posts lol). I finally have something to write about, so you will see and read more about it as the weeks and months come and go.

I’ll add more as time goes on and perhaps when I feel like sharing more about me…  till then here is a picture of my wife Mira and I…..

Mira & I up at Grouse Moutain.