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w00t!!! 94%!!!

By Paul at 3:21 pm on Sunday, April 15, 2007

On Friday April 13th…  yeah tell me about it Friday the 13th…. I finished my level 3 Classes for my Steel Fabrication Apprenticeship..  with a 94% final mark.  I tied for top marks with 2 others in the class.  From what I had heard about level 3 being the hardest of the four levels, I found it to be quite easy compared to the many that said it was the hardest. I am also proud to say I helped a few others in the class get a final mark in the 90’s as well.

Level 1 was more of an introduction to the many things we would learn along the way in the four levels and Level 2 we seemed to learn a lot more, and had more content. Which brings me to Level 3, which I found to be more of a review of level 2 and just other ways of figuring out our math. Back in level 2 we were introduced to the Pythagorean Theorem to figure out lengths in Trusses and Hoppers. We also used it to solve some trick questions too. Level 3 re-introduced us to Trigonometry. A look back at my earlier post about Trigonometry will tell how I found it quit easy for the math we use in Fabrication. Not only did I find it easy for myself I was able to help others to understand it and get a better grade than they might have gotten without my input. A thank you goes out to those who admitted my input helped them out, they know who they are.

I have level 4 to complete before I can write the I.P. (Inter-Provincial) exam that will certify me as a Journeyman Steel Fabricator to work anywhere within Canada, (Some say all of North America and perhaps in Europe too) but I’m not going anywhere so my Canadian certification is enough for me. I am planning to take it in November of this year (2007) if I can still get a seat. One day I hope to maybe become an Instructor at B.C.I.T. Who knows when, but that is one of my goals I wish to reach. The fact that I am still an apprentice doesn’t help me realize that goal for perhaps another 5 years.

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American Idol??

By Paul at 6:07 pm on Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I’ve been watching American idol all season….  I usually get hooked to the auditions part…..  and then just want to see how it unfolds till the top 10… by then I’m usually hooked enough to watch every week even thought this season I have promised to boycott it if a certain someone continues to be safe. You all know who I am talking about. I was hoping to keep some eye candy around for us men to look at, and poof!! we lose Sabrina Sloan …  sure we still have Haley Scarnato still.. but with all the reviews she gets from the “Judges” how long will we have her to look at?

I suppose I am just venting, god knows how Sanjaya Malakar keeps making it through each week.. we all know it’s not for his singing talent. Doesn’t this fact alone show how you can’t really trust any so-called “Reality” shows anymore. Does he really make it through each week with public votes.? or do the producers of the show just decide who they want to keep for a while longer to make it more controversial or whatever you want to call it, if enough people talk about it, the more $$$ they make.

But how fair is that, if that’s what’s actually going on? Was the only true winner the first Idol, Kelly Clarkson.? ok now I’m getting a little more pissed off so….. I will leave it for now and see what happens on tomorrows results show.

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