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By Paul at 11:25 am on Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just a short but to the point post. Some of you know I went to India in Nov 2004 to get married. and My wife’s immigration to Canada was denied!! We then appealed that decision!

Now after a long 2 ½ year waiting process. I am Happy to announce that the Appeal was approved.. within 25 minutes after the star of the hearing. it went something like this….

All that was needed was my testimony on the witness stand.
as soon as my consultant finished asking me questions….
the Judge says, “Now the Immigration council will cross examine you”……..
he stood up………
Started Packing up his Briefcase…….
and says……..
“No I’m not going to ask anything, I approve the Appeal, Congratulations!”….
the Judge looks over at me and says,
“This is your Lucky day….. I also approve your appeal, this concludes the hearing”
that was 25 minutes into the whole thing…
w00t!! say it with me one time. w00t!!!

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