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Final Stretch!!

By Paul at 5:33 pm on Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yes the time has finally come….  just last week my wife had her Medical report done (for the second time) and the doctor has sent off the paper work to the Canadian Consulate in New Delhi. Now we will await a reply for them to request her Passport, and finally get her Visa Stamp for Entry into Canada and her permanent Residence papers she will require to STAY in Canada.

As many of you know (you all know now) I was married back in December 22, 2004. We applied for my wife to immigrate and thought it would take about 3-6 months for her to be approved and arrive in Canada. No such result, as luck would have it, She was denied immigration based on some VERY Superficial criteria that we here in Canada do not take into consideration for a couple to marry, in fact we (Canadians) don’t even think about the particular criteria that my wife was denied entry.

There was only one fact that I could not deny and if they had based everything on this, I wouldn’t be so upset as I am, on what we went through, to get to this point. That fact being I have been married twice before, but even that in Canadian eyes is not a huge factor at all. The apparent “officer” that dealt with my wife’s application initially had raised a few issues and they ended up contradicting themselves in later updates to the computer system they use to document everything during the application process. 

I should scan and post some of the excerpts from it (Maybe later). some of the things they denied her was our age difference. the fact that I have been in Canada since age 5 and she had never been here, I was educated here with some post secondary education and she only has a grade 12 graduation from India. and I suppose the biggest one was that I had been married before and she never married. At first they noted that our Wedding had a good gathering..  later to say there wasn’t very many present for a normal Indian wedding. 

What did they expect that I would pay for and fly all our friends and family from Canada to attend and be present at the wedding too.?? Anyway as you can see their points were very unfounded and not a huge deal to deny someone to get a visa.  They should allow all Married partners to come back home to Canada after their marriage and if needed deport them after the application process is completed and not satisfactory. almost 3 years….  I could have had 2-3 Children by now and those are 3 years I will never get to spend with my wife again.

I think I am starting to ramble now so i will close these thoughts and start another one later when we have some more concrete dates of when she will be here… but we are finally in the Final Stretch

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By Paul at 6:41 pm on Friday, August 10, 2007

Yep..  OMG!  I just hit the BIG “4-0″….  but as they say now…  40 is the new 20…. So just to let you all know I feel great even at the age of 40… Even though Mark Philippoussis chose Amanda the 25 year old…  Who wouldn’t.???

My wife is 13 years younger than me, and that was not out of fluke either…. My parents want grand-kids…  So to accommodate that I needed a younger wife that could deliver (at least Basketball team) and keep up with the stress of having kids… I have no real limit on how many children I want the more the merrier is the attitude I will be going forward with. My wife also has no problems (yet) I mean we talk about it all the time and she even had some palmist tell her how she will have as many kids as she wants. 

It was back in early 2004 that my parents started bugging me about getting married again (Yes again, long story tell you another time if you don’t already know the details)  anyhow they asked me if I was ready..  I replied you want to have Grandchildren??  Then you might want to find someone young enough to have them and also willing to get to know me and marry me before we talk about any children. My god we went through quite a few girls in that time..  hell I even had a choice of hooking up with a woman that was STILL married with a child already too, apparently her husband was a bad ass that beat her and had a drinking problem…She wanted me to SAVE HER!!  I was like WTF!!??  I’m looking for my future wife, not to SAVE” someone from their current marriage, needless to say that conversation didn’t last long. As did many of the others because all they seemed to want to know was if and when I wanted to marry their daughters… and I was like Hold on a minute…  if I agree to anything! it will be to get to know them more first…  perhaps for a year or two even..  and they wanted to have grandchildren by that time not just to be getting into a marriage.

After many women and girls, Oh and who can forget the “PAT” my brother-in-law came back with pictures of, I swear the pictures were not of any female that i could see.. but after those bad episodes of meeting and greeting I finally did come across my wife Kamaljit (Mira as she is known at home now) She and her family were the first to agree in allowing she and I to communicate for as long as we wanted to see how we got along…  little did Mira and I know how well we would connect and well…..  the rest as they say is history, but I will tell you the full story sometime later too maybe you can remind me. right now it creeping up to the 3rd year and we are still awaiting for some papers from Immigration Canada’s New Delhi office for her to obtain her Permanent Status Visa to Land in Canada.

So where was I.??  Oh Yeah!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!

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Racist Attitudes

By Paul at 5:26 pm on Thursday, August 9, 2007

It’s funny how some people love to make fun of East Indian guys simply because of the one or two or even a few bad apples they may encounter…. Recent stories in the news hasn’t helped either…..  BUT!!!

I for one can assure you NOT All East Indian Men are or ever will be created equal…..

No matter how many you have run across in your life time…. you have obviously been meeting all the BAD Apples…. if you have some attitude against East Indian men…

Must be something that attracts them (Bad Apples) to you, like A moth to a flame…….

I know for a certain fact that you have No idea from the way I am typing what colour my skin is or what My background is for that matter….(unless you knew me or look at the “About Me” page) I could if so inclined download a picture off of the Internet and claim that as being me……

too many people claim to “Not judge the book by it’s cover”….  but fall short of the rule many times to suit their own agenda..

I for one could care less what nationality someone is….  or the colour of their skin……

but If I was to Judge ALL White folks based on the Scholars you run into on East Hastings….. how would that make the rest of you NON E. Hastings Residents of this beautiful city of Vancouver and Area’s feel???….  (Not so good I imagine)

So to the racist f&%ktartds out there…  it’s 2007…..  there’s enough problems in the world as it is……

Soon enough…  you won’t be able to tell one race from another as we will All have married into every other Nationality in the world and No one will be able to tell one race from the other…..  So why be a loner and fight the inevitable…. it may not happen in our life time or our children’s lifetime…..  but it WILL happen…. 

Can’t we ALL just get along.??

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