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Update on My Wife

By Paul at 3:05 pm on Friday, November 2, 2007

Well what ya know…… Although the news about my wife’s letter was a great start to the month… it was as usual “too good to be true”….  No don’t get me wrong.  she is coming very soon now…. but as usual it was just another letter requesting her to mail something and then “AGAIN” await a reply from them…

The letter my wife received was a request for her passport, which will get the Visa attached and permanent residence papers drawn up or whatever they do, (perhaps they are already made they just been sitting on them all this time) apparently she has heard from others in this similar situation that when it is all ready they will give her a phone call to come pick up the passport and landing papers in person. No more guessing or foreshadowing what they will do …. we will just wait and see what ends up happening.

The years have gone..  and turned into months….  and now those months have turned into weeks..  and soon it will be just days to count when she will be finally here.  I am hoping she gets here before the end of the month, so that she and I can spend our 3rd…..  yes our 3rd Anniversary together.

I will try to keep the updates coming about my wife and once she is here I think I may have to start some sort of picture gallery as I will have to start posting pictures of our life together and the soon to come children. I know we want them we just can’t agree on the number we want.  I just say the More the merrier!!!

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WOOT!!!! Wife Has Her Letter!!!

By Paul at 12:45 am on Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just got News that My wife has finally received her letter for her visa to enter Canada…. I don’t know the contents of the letter yet but I just had to mention that final hurdle has been cleared. It’s Started off as a GREAT Nov 1st, 2007 for us!!

It is Thursday Nov 2nd and we’ll plan for here to be here by mid week next week, She should be here by Nov 6th or 7th…  I will update with more as I get an email of the contents of the letter!!

WOOT!!!!! It’s abut time!!!

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