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Racist Attitudes

By Paul at 5:26 pm on Thursday, August 9, 2007

It’s funny how some people love to make fun of East Indian guys simply because of the one or two or even a few bad apples they may encounter…. Recent stories in the news hasn’t helped either…..  BUT!!!

I for one can assure you NOT All East Indian Men are or ever will be created equal…..

No matter how many you have run across in your life time…. you have obviously been meeting all the BAD Apples…. if you have some attitude against East Indian men…

Must be something that attracts them (Bad Apples) to you, like A moth to a flame…….

I know for a certain fact that you have No idea from the way I am typing what colour my skin is or what My background is for that matter….(unless you knew me or look at the “About Me” page) I could if so inclined download a picture off of the Internet and claim that as being me……

too many people claim to “Not judge the book by it’s cover”….  but fall short of the rule many times to suit their own agenda..

I for one could care less what nationality someone is….  or the colour of their skin……

but If I was to Judge ALL White folks based on the Scholars you run into on East Hastings….. how would that make the rest of you NON E. Hastings Residents of this beautiful city of Vancouver and Area’s feel???….  (Not so good I imagine)

So to the racist f&%ktartds out there…  it’s 2007…..  there’s enough problems in the world as it is……

Soon enough…  you won’t be able to tell one race from another as we will All have married into every other Nationality in the world and No one will be able to tell one race from the other…..  So why be a loner and fight the inevitable…. it may not happen in our life time or our children’s lifetime…..  but it WILL happen…. 

Can’t we ALL just get along.??

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